Danny James - Director of Client Services Lloyd & Whyte

Danny says...

“As a specialist financial planning firm to the dental profession we have had a long-standing relationship with Dentists’ Provident, and view them as the premier provider of income protection to dental practitioners. With the expansion of the dental professions that they now cover with their new enhanced plans, we see Dentists’ Provident as the primary option for the dental practice team. If insurance is about being there when it is needed, then the way in which Dentists’ Provident manage and handle their members’ claims is second to none.”

Dr Jason Berry - Clinical Senior Lecturer, London

Dr Berry says...

“After running and working in my own general dental practice for over 20 years, it came as a huge shock that a totally unexpected medical diagnosis prevented me from working for nearly a year. On my return to work it became very obvious that I needed to change my career direction and as a consequence I sold my practice and moved into the academic arena as a university lecturer. Dentists’ Provident have supported me throughout the stressful process of change in work and the subsequent reduction of income.”

Ameen - A third-year dental student

Ameen says…

“Having to take a few months out of my studies because of a wrist injury was extremely challenging. Seeing your colleagues develop their clinical skills, and not be allowed onto clinics to manage your patients makes you feel powerless to say the least. I had to work exceptionally hard to catch up with all my university work. For much of the time I couldn’t even type, write or even concentrate because of the pain following surgery. I realised that in order to have a long-lasting career in dentistry, you have to look after your body.”

Dr A – A member of Dentists’ Provident since 1992

Dr A says...

“I bought my practice with my partner in 1992. Running a 100% NHS practice for over 25 years is a fairly stressful job but nothing prepared me for the most challenging time of selling the practice. Six months into the process I went to see my GP, who asked me to fill in a diagnostic questionnaire and told me I had moderate to severe stress and depression. This came as a shock, but explained the way I was feeling, he suggested I took some time off and offered me counselling and medication. I took both as it felt like things were getting on top of me. During that time off I was supported by Dentists’ Provident. It was such a relief and I felt better equipped to deal with the next stage of the challenging process.”

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