We are the only company selling in the Irish market that specialises in income protection insurance exclusively for the dental profession and we are committed to providing a high quality product, backed by excellent service and sound decision-making. So whether it’s your day to day administration needs or complex claims or underwriting cases – you will always have a consistent, reliable and considerate partner in Dentists’ Provident.

We have a strong and stable capital base and excellent risk management standards, built up over a hundred years with prudent management. Our size, business, and governance structures give us the agility to react quickly to changes in the market and to your or your clients’ needs.

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Our plan is designed by experts working closely with dental professionals, just like you. So you can be sure that whatever stage your career is at, we have a plan to suit your lifestyle and needs. Our business is based on the simple principle that our intermediaries and members should never have to compromise on levels of service or product quality.

Being owned and run by dental professionals, we do not make profits for anyone else – our profits are only ever used to improve the products, services and benefits we provide our members.

Whether your clients’ needs are simple or complex, we are confident that you will find a customised plan that is right for them, whatever their budget.

Maximum monthly cover Maximum proportion of your qualifying income that can be paid as benefits What your illness or injury has to stop you doing during a claim Maximum period we will pay your claim Waiting periods available
€8,666 75% Your own occupation Until you are 65 9 waiting periods, including no waiting period to 1, 4, 8, 12, 13, 26, 52 and 104 weeks


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Our plan is designed to give you and your clients control, so together you can customise it to suit your clients’ unique needs. To find out more, please login to our online service or contact our intermediary support team.

Our online application process is fast and convenient. Once we receive your client’s application, we will call them for a health and lifestyle interview, to collect the information we need to decide on the most suitable terms and conditions for their plan.

You can also apply for our plans by completing a paper application. You can obtain an application pack by contacting our intermediary services team.

We will keep you updated on the progress of your client’s application throughout. You can also track the progress using our online service.

These case studies are for illustration only and not based on real individuals. They are not designed to provide financial advice, nor are they intended to make any recommendations regarding the suitability of our plans for a particular individual.

Niamh’s new client Laura, bought a short term income protection plan 10 years ago, which paid benefits for any illness or illness for up to 12 months. After analysing Laura’s needs, Niamh has recommended that Laura should consider a long term income protection plan. However, Laura has had some health problems over the last few years and it is likely that a new policy will be subject to special terms.

Niamh recommended that Laura keep her short term income protection plan and top it up with the Dentists’ Provident Select income protection plan with a deferred period of 52 weeks. This would give Laura the long term cover she needs, while preserving the favourable underwriting terms of her previous policy.

Terence’s fee based client, Orla, has been working a hospital based orthodontist for the last fourteen years. Orla has recently decided to leave her hospital role and take up a full-time role at a private practice in Mayo.

Orla has been a member of Dentists’ Provident, since starting work. She currently holds the Select income protection plan with a split deferred cover of 26 and 52 weeks, totalling €4,000 per month. However, in the last five years, both her mother and sister were successfully treated for breast cancer. Terence has advised Orla that this could affect her application for income protection insurance and instead she can simply exercise the option to reduce her deferred period to 4 weeks for both the covers under her plan.

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